Foreign Affairs publishes article by Alexander Benard on doing business in emerging and frontier markets

Foreign Affairs has published a feature article by Schulze Global COO Alexander Benard on how U.S. companies can compete more effectively in emerging and frontier markets. In the article, Mr. Benard argues that the U.S. companies have lost ground to Chinese ones in many key emerging economies, and that the U.S. government must do its part to reverse this trend:

For too long now, Washington has almost entirely neglected commercial diplomacy, ceding too many economic battles to China. The consequence of such timidity has been that the United States’ rising competitor has managed to devour market share in emerging economies throughout the world, securing strategic resources, winning infrastructure contracts, and planting its commercial flag even in countries that are strong U.S. allies. The United States needs to find a happy medium in which business promotion again becomes a strong pillar of its foreign policy, although not its sole focus.

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